Restored to a timeless charm, updated for modern living.

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Legacy urban neighborhoods are so much more than a great location and hot investment opportunity. The true value of a neighborhood lies beneath the surface, deep the fabric of the community. Woven throughout these neighborhoods is a solidarity that doesn’t wax or wane with the times—a people knit together by relation, by heritage, and by purpose. Formerly vacant, blighted homes have undergone renovation addressing all major systems and designed by architects to retain historic character and add timeless quality. Join us in seeing our true strength: one found in the warmth of smiles, the sound of shared laughter, and most of all, the tenacity of our bond.



Austin Black II
Broker — North End
City Living Detroit
(313) 242-7000

Cheryl V Davis
Realtor — Grandmont-Rosedale
Robinson Realty & Management Group
(313) 477-4564