There’s strength and growing interest in the North End.

Positioned along the Woodward corridor between Arden Park and Midtown, the North End’s convenient location has always made it a desirable place to live. Concurrent with the growth of the auto industry, the neighborhood attracted immigrant populations from Eastern Europe as well as African-American families. Just blocks away from the birthplace of Motown Records, the neighborhood also played a significant role in Detroit’s mid-century music scene. Once a farming community, the North End is characterized by farmhouses and bungalows, many of which are over 100 years old.

In recent years, the North End has entered a new era of growth and promise. Due to the skyrocketing property values in Midtown and Downtown, the North End has become a desirable location for young professionals, empty-nesters, and families seeking to plant lasting roots in the city. With historic rehabilitation efforts and new construction projects taking place, the neighborhood offers a blend of historic charm and stylish contemporary options at a wide range of prices. Increasing diversity and density in urban neighborhoods leads to more vibrant, engaged, and well-served communities. Transit-oriented developments including the QLINE, protected bike lanes and MoGo bike share stations bring added mobility to the well-situated North End.



Our Vision

We are filling vacant parcels between renovated homes with new homes, apartments, and gardens that build on the traditional neighborhood streetscape to foster relationships that uplift a neighborhood, a city, a country, and the world.


Places of Interest:

  • QLINE (Grand Boulevard Station)

  • Delores Bennett Park

  • Michigan Urban Farm Initiative

  • Oakland Avenue Urban Farm

  • Cocoon

  • The Schvitz

  • Jam Handy

  • The Fisher Theatre

  • Tangent Gallery

  • Submerge Records

  • Urbanum

  • Peacock Room

  • Chroma

  • Baltimore Station

Food & Drink:

  • New Center Eatery

  • Stella Good Coffee

  • Kiesling

  • Avalon Café + Biscuit Bar

  • Northern Lights Lounge

  • Turkey Grill

  • Yumvillage

  • Wilda's


Start your new chapter in Detroit’s North End.

More properties coming soon!